. Haringey Play Association

Haringey Play Association

Apr 13, 2011

Haringey Play Association (HarPA)will give a powerful voice to children's play,raising awareness and understanding of the fundamental importance of play in a child's life. We will work to develop and support a diverse range of children's play provision and are committed to improving the quality of play experience in Haringey. HarPA will support play providers through representing their interests,providing advice and information and promoting interagency communication and coperation. HarPA will seek to identify and access new sources of funding for play in Haringey.

News & Events

  • We would like to thank: SPLASH project & volunteers from the Royal Bank of Scotland for their support in building the under 5's new play area and our new play structures.
  • We would also like to thank United House & their construction team for all their support in the preparation of site & donation of our new Container which will provide a work space for our motorbike project "The Hub"

  • For more information about the new under 5's area... Please contact Elena @ Somerford Grove (020 8808 0533)
  • Haringey Play Association is currently looking for new Trustees to join our Management Committee team. If you are interested or would like further information. Please contact us.

Here are some of the comments of parents and kids that have visited us.

I live on the other side of Haringey... I come to visit my friend and he brought me here [Somerford Grove] ... It's the best place in the world; I wish I lived round here so I can come here all the time. Yusef, 11yrs

I always come here; it's the best place in the world... just like a funfair... I love it here [Somerford Grove] Kiera, 11yrs

There is not much for autistic kids in this area. Somerford Grove is mainstream and my autistic boy loves it here... it is well staffed and I'm not worried about bullying... Louie has made friends here... he approaches other children to play! His confidence has grown so much since coming to Somerford Grove, I usually come here on Saturdays and holidays, I don't know what I'd do without this place" (Local Parent)

It's my first time here [Somerford Grove] ... It's absolutely wonderful! I wish there was something like this in my borough (Brent)" (Local Parent)

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