. Haringey Play Association

Haringey Play Association

June 15 2014

Opening Times including Summer Holidays


  • Tuesdays                       (Girls Group) 3pm-6:30pm


  • Wednesdays                 (Boys Group) 3pm-5:30pm


  • Thursdays:                    (Stay & Play) 1:30pm-3pm
                                              (Bike Project) 4pm-5:30pm


  • Saturdays:                     (Inclusive) 1pm-5:30pm

Open hours: 2pm-6:30pm
Week 1: Tues 22nd – Fri 25th July
Week 2: Tues 29th July – Fri 1st Aug.
Week 3: Tues 5th – Fri 8th August
Week 4: Tues 12th – Fri 15th August
Week 5: Tues 19th – Fri 22nd August

Event: Wednesday 6th August 2014!!
Contact Cathy O’Leary for more info.

Peer Mentoring Forum
Summer holidays – every Monday 3:30pm-6:30pm

Yoga Classes
September 2014 / Mondays (x10wks)
Funded by Tottenham Active

Contact Sereena Keymatlian on 020 8808 0533 or email sereena@haringey-play.org.uk

Somerford Grove  Adventure Playground is a supervised outdoor play provision for children and young people aged 5-15yrs. Parents/Carers may stay but please remember that this is a ‘free play place’ for children and as such can get noisy and messy! Children are the play experts; the playground was designed around local children's consultation and ideas. Children can make their own games, dens, run, chase, hide, swing, balance, slide or climb. Activities include cooking, campfires, water-fights, crafts, gardening, play structure building, BBQ’s & events. Award winning Somerford Grove Adventure Playground opened in the summer of 2005 by Haringey Play Association (HarPA) based 200m from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.