We will be closed to public from September 1st – September 15th 2020. We will re-open on Tuesday 15th September 3pm-6:30pm for SisterHood Project (girls group) and for Tuesdays, Wednesdays (for 10yrs+), Fridays and Saturdays – see calendar for opening times. We will be opening based on limited numbers (groups of 25 children max.) per session. All children must be registered before attending. We will return to our open-access provision and prioritise places for local children aged 5yrs-15yrs.

Food donations from Felix Project will continue to take place on Thursdays and Saturdays 11am-1pm. We are also offering ‘Neighbourhood Play Haven’ slots for outdoor play to families with children of all ages from 10am-2pm Tuesday-Friday in September. Please contact sereena@haringey-play.org.uk for more information about Play Haven bookings and all other services.


Haringey Play Association supports children & young people’s right to play

From our base at Somerford Grove Community Project we provide a range of services to our local community and beyond. We represent the interests of play providers, the voluntary sector, children, young people and their families at a local and regional level. Our playground is entirely free at the point of use.


The playground is closed from September 1st-September 14th. We look forward to welcoming you back after the break!

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