SisterHood Project for girls aged 6yrs-16yrs

Volunteering & Peer Mentoring opportunities for girls/women aged 16yrs+

Every Tuesday 3pm-6pm

What is SisterHood?

SisterHood is a weekly, open-access, innovative, girls-only project based at our award winning adventure playground. SisterHood aims to engage ‘hard-to-reach’ girls, aged from 6-16 years, with a combination of play and youth work approaches to create a safe, challenging, co-operative space in which the girls can experience themselves free from the pressures of ‘being female’. Play activities can engage the individual in being who they want to be, without judgement or the need to justify. Our staff support the child’s own autonomy and encourage them to expand their interests.

We provide a free-of-charge, safe space to socialise, have fun and participate in age-appropriate creative projects – the younger girls participate in play activities and the older girls are encouraged to plan and organise their own projects like fashion show, film-making & photography. We also encourage the older girls to take part in workshops on a range of topics of interest to teenagers – drugs, sexual health, positive relationships, the law & ‘sexting’, domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, gangs & crime and ‘keeping safe’ – these workshops raise awareness and offer guidance & support from external agencies.

SisterHood aims to encourage positive, social relationships with a strong sense of community. There are also issues around gang violence & crime in our local area; many parents will not allow their children to ‘play out’. The older girls (aged 15yrs+) are offered training opportunities & support to become volunteers and/or a “Big Sista” peer mentor to support the younger girls. The project has a youth council that works with staff to plan and organise the workshops and holiday day-trips. An incentive scheme in which girls gain points for their contributions and involvement underpins the project.

Through the project we are also building a network of awesome, adult women from within our community and meeting inspirational guest speakers.