Who Stole the Cookie

This resource has been produced by HarPA. The initial concept was developed by HarPA in response to ideas generated by local play provisions in May 2002. HarPA organised an event at Bruce Castle Museum inviting people from the local community to participate in a day of games & contribute their own games' ideas or cultural variations. This resource was made possible by the contribution of local people in Haringey and celebrates the cultural diversity within our community.


  • Chapter 1: Games for Journeys – walks, little or no space, car/ bus journeys etc.
  • Chapter 2: Games for small spaces – corridors, table tops, small rooms & back yards.
  • Chapter 3: Games for medium sized spaces – circle games
  • Chapter 4: Games for large indoor spaces – community hall, sports hall & large rooms
  • Chapter 5: Games for large outdoor spaces
  • Chapter 6: Make & Play
  • Chapter 7: Hand clapping games
  • Chapter 8: Skipping Rhymes
  • Chapter 9: Useful contacts

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