Each year, Haringey Play Association gives hundreds of young people in Haringey the opportunity to play. 

Whether at Somerford Grove Adventure Playground or in one of the many other services we provide on housing estates or pop-up play locations, we support young people to grow their confidence and resilience, gain new skills and make new friends.  Our playground and all other services are entirely free at the point of use. We would not be here without the generous support of our community and donors. For a small donation each month you can support HarPA to become more sustainable and reach even more children, young people and families. Whatever the size of your donation, we will make sure it goes far. Click on the links below to make a regular or a one-off donation.


will provide snacks for week of play sessions


will pay for one after school play session


will pay for a whole-day play session


will cover a week of pop-up estate play session


If you can support us in any other ways, like with donations of equipment, resources or time, we’d love to hear from you.